How Do I Upgrade Insight Access?

We have a new version of Insight Access! This new version has upgraded abilities that support our new Digital Keytag system as well as updated monitoring for check-ins.

This article will walk you through installing the new version of Insight Access.

  • If you have any previous versions of Insight Access installed, Uninstall it first. 
  • Select your location, then click Applications

    Select  Insight Access

  • Under available applications, find Insight Access and click download

  • Download setup.exe to your Desktop.
  • Open setup.exe. 

  • Windows will automatically try to verify all software, so, in the window that pops up, click More info

  • Then click Run anyway

  • Click Install. Insight Access will install and automatically save a shortcut to your desktop. 
  • Windows will again try to verify the software, so again, in the window that pops up, click More info then click Run anyway as shown above. 
  • Go to Help > About Insight Access (or click the About icon). 
  • This About window will tell you which version of Insight Access you have, so make sure it's updated.

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