Install Member's App on iOS - Missing Home Screen Option

If you've followed the instructions to install Member's App on your iPhone or iPad, but you did not see the "Add to Home Screen" option, it is likely that you are inadvertently using a stripped-down web browser, known as a WebView.  This can happen when you open the Member's App installation link in certain ways.

One common way that this occurs is if you are using the GMail app on your iPhone.  This can also occur in other apps when accessing the install link, and should be solved in a similar manner. 

Generally, Safari gives you these set of options on your toolbar, which include the sharing icon, bookmarks icon, and tabs icon.

However, when you open a link from some apps on iOS, you get only the simple Webview version of Safari, and, because of this, you won't see all of the same options.  You also won't have the Add to Home Screen option in the sharing menu.  Fortunately, one of the icons you will see on your toolbar is the Safari compass icon.  This will open the current page you're viewing in the full Safari browser, and give you the extra installation capabilities.

Alternate Solution

When opening the link in GMail (and other apps), you should will be presented with an option to select the browser to use when opening the link.  Rather than choosing Safari, which actually opens the Webview version, select the "Default browser app", to open the full version of Safari instead.

If this selection panel does not open when clicking the link, it likely means you have selected a default browser app before, and you can use the settings panel to change this to "Default browser app".

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