Adding and Removing Dashlets on Your Dashboard

Home Page - Dashboard Configurations

The dashboard on your Gym Insight home page can be personalized to fit your needs. We offer a collection of Dashlets (individual dashboard widgets) for you to customize your experience.

Your home page dashboard comes pre-configured with the most commonly used dashlets, but you can update the dashboard to better suit your needs.

Removing a Dashlet

To remove a dashlet, simply hover your mouse over the top, header area of the dashlet, and then click the "X" button. The dashlet will be removed from your dashboard.

Adding a Dashlet

To add a dashlet to your dashboard, use the "+" icon in the dashboard header bar. You can then browse the collection of Gym Insight dashlets, and add any dashlet to your dashboard that you do not already have there.

* Note - The dashboard can only have a maximum of 16 dashlets on the dashboard at any one time. When you exceed this maximum, the last dashlet on your dashboard will be removed.
* Note - When browsing the dashlet collection, you may not be able to see all available dashlets. You will only be presented with dashlets that you have permission for, based on your user-access level.


Moving a Dashlet

Dashlets on your dashboard can be reordered. To move a dashlet, hover your mouse over the top, header area of the dashlet, and click+hold the drag handle. While holding the mouse button down, move the mouse over the area that you wish to move this dashlet to. You can drop over any existing dashlet, which places the one your dragging into that spot, and shifts all the others over one spot. You can all drop the dashlet in the placeholder spot at the end of the dashboard to put it in the last position.

* Note - Adding/Removing/Moving dashlets is only supported on a desktop/laptop computer. You can always view your customized dashboard on phones/tablets, but to modify the dashboard, please use your desktop/laptop computer.
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