How Do I Connect my Door Controller to Gym Insight?

How to Download Insight Access and hook up to the door controller. 

After you receive your programmed controller from Gym Insight, you will need to have it installed. Once your controller is installed, you will download Insight Access and connect your door controller.

If Insight Access is not already downloaded, you may have just completed the door installation and noticed it's not working when you swipe the key.

Click on the "Home" button (on the top right) 

> Applications 

> Insight Access          

> Download

Next, install: Click on downloaded file > select "Install" > enter username and password.

Launch > Go to "Settings" (at the top) > Access Controllers

🛑 Locate IP Address, that needs to be punched in (from the sticker on the box or the front of your controller)

Click "New Device" (in the corner of the screen)

Determine which device you are installing: 

For an RFID, click IBC 8000. 

For a Barcode Reader, click Serial Device Server.

Enter the IP Address for your device type into the IP Address field

Leave the Data Port at '57'

Click "Test"

Swipe a key, once the controller is found

Reboot the computer, if the controller is not found

Call us at 1-855-367-4967 for additional help

Click Save, if the controller was found, to complete the process.

Click the link to watch the tutorial to learn how to download Insight Access and connect your door controller.

"How to Connect your 247 Door Controller to Gym Insight"

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