Introduction To Digital Keytags

Introducing Digital Keytags!

What is a digital keytag? 

A digital keytag is a matrix barcode, sometimes called a Quick Response or QR code, giving your members access to the gym through the Members App. The member displays the digital keytag on their phone screen and scans it using your scanner to get access.  

How do digital keytags work?

They work like RFID keycards and barcodes, only they're 100% digital! Unlike physical keycards, digital keytags are weightless and volume-less, and they can't be lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed. And unlike our competitors, our secure digital keytags prevent use by unauthorized personnel by refreshing regularly so that they cannot be screenshotted and shared.

How do I use digital keytags?

When you have digital keytags turned on for your location, anyone who signs up for a membership will automatically receive a digital keytag through the Members App. To access their digital keytag, members just log into the Members App and their digital keytag will appear. Then they scan the digital keytag to open the door or check in at the front desk. 

For more on setting up digital keytags, see Getting Started With Digital Keytags.

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