Adding A Digital Keytag For An Existing Member

Adding A Digital Keytag For Existing Member

Let's say that you have turned on digital keytags for your location, meaning all new members and guests automatically get a digital keytag when they sign up or add a member. But now you have a member who wants a digital keytag. Let's add them one!

(Note: Members can have multiple access keys. Adding a digital keytag will not affect their other access keys.)

Find an Active Member and click VIEW MEMBER. 


From the dropdown menu select Digital Keytag. Click SAVE.

That's it! Now when the member logs in on the Member App their Digital Keytag will automatically appear. 

If you want to email the member a link to their Members App, go to back to VIEW the member, go to Member Logins tab where their code and link are displayed, and click SEND INVITE. 

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