How Do Members Receive a Member's App Invite?

In order for your members to receive the Member’s App invite, you'll need to have the Member’s App enabled, or turned on, in your Gym Insight account. Click here to read how to enable the Member’s App.

When the Member’s App is enabled, members can receive invites 2 ways:
  1. You can manually send them the invite from their account.
  2. They will receive it automatically when they enter their email address while signing up for a membership. 
Let’s take a closer look at these options.

Manually send the invite from a member’s account:

You need to make sure you are viewing the member’s screen, not the overview account screen. 

Here are 3 ways you can be sure you are viewing the Member’s Screen:

If you are in the member’s account, scroll down to Active Members and click view next to the member’s name.

You can search for the member using the global search bar at the top of the screen. Click on the member icon next to the member’s name.

You can search for the member using the Advanced Search and click View Member next to the member’s name. 

Now that you are viewing the member’s screen, click on the Member Logins tab.

Here you have some options:

You can give the member the access code, and they will enter it into the Member's App.

You can resend the invite to them by clicking the Send Invite button. This button is only available if the member has an email on file. 

Invite is sent automatically:

Members will receive an invite automatically when they sign up for a new membership online, through Sales Guru, or when you create a new membership by hand.

Members that sign up through your website or using Sales Guru will be sent a Member’s App Invite automatically. You will need to have this option turned on in your Sales Guru app in Gym Insight. 

To do that click on your Home Menu and select Applications.

Scroll down and select “Send Member’s App Invite”. Click save!

If you are hand entering a new membership, you need to enter an email address in order for the member to receive an invite. 

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