How Does a Member Sign Up on Sales Guru?

After you install Sales Guru on a smart device, your potential members can easily create a membership on their own!
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Let's take a look at how a member would sign up for a membership in Sales Guru.

The member would see your available memberships and choose which one they would like to sign up for.

Next, they would enter their name, date of birth, and click "upload image" to take a picture of themselves.

The member can also see all charges associated with the membership on this screen. 

They will click "next" when they are ready.

After that, the member will enter their address. You do not need to enter a driver's license number or their Social Security number. You can skip those. 

They will click "next" when they are ready.

The member will enter their email address, phone number, and emergency contact information.

They will click "next" when they are ready.

After they enter all their contact information, the member will sign your terms and conditions and click "next".

Then, the member will enter their credit card information that will be kept on their account to use for payment of membership dues. 

They will click the green "create membership" button and hand control over to you!

You will see the membership confirmation and a membership agreement will be emailed to the member. 

Now you have to the "key" icon at the top. This is where you will issue a key to the member. 

You will enter the key number and add any additional notes about the member you would like to remember. 

Click save at the bottom.

That's it! This member has successfully purchased a membership with your club!

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