Creating an Appointment Widget

How To Create A New Appointment Widget

Insight Appointment Widgets allow you to create easy-to-use widgets for your customers to book tours, personal training sessions, or other appointments. Once you create an appointment widget in Insight, you can link to it from your own website and social media accounts.

This article will walk through the process of creating a new appointment widget.

  1. Login to your Insight account, and on the upper right of the screen select the dropdown next to your location name and click Applications

  1. On the left side of the screen, under WEBSITE WIDGETS, click Appointments

  1. On the lower right side of the screen, click the ADD APPOINTMENT WIDGET button

  1. In the Add Appointment Widget pop-up's Name field, give your widget a unique name

  1. Click the Appointment Types field, select your desired appointment type (e.g. Personal Training), and click OK

  1. Optional: Customize your Appointment Widget's color and title. Insight allows you to customize your theme if you prefer non-default settings. If you're happy with the default settings, jump straight to step 7.

Here are the settings to customize for your widget:

Background Color: The color to appear behind the widget.

Primary Color: Used for primary theming such as open time slots.

Secondary Color: Used for additional navigation actions.

Accent Color: The color used for accents, e.g. buttons and selected items.

Main Title: The title that appears on the top of the widget, the default value is "Book Appointment".

By clicking into any of the 4 Color fields, you can change the colors of the widget. By typing a title in the Main Title field, you can give your widget a custom title. To use any of the color fields, simply click the desired field and use the popup to select your desired colors.

  1. Once you are done making changes, click ADD in the lower right of the screen to create your widget. If you want to close the popup without saving, click CANCEL.

That's it! Your Appointment Widget will be created and available for use at Applications → WEBSITE WIDGETSAppointments. Now you can link directly to your widget, get the code required to embed it on your website or edit it to make changes.

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