How to Choose and Edit a Sales Guru Theme

Sales Guru supports a variety of template themes that can be customized for your business. This article details the process of selecting, editing, and viewing a Sales Guru theme.
Before starting this process, we recommend that you create memberships for Sales Guru to display. Click here to learn how to create memberships.

Go to your Home menu and select "applications".

Now, you will see your Sales Guru applications screen. 

Scroll to the bottom to see the theme options.

The theme that you already have selected will be highlighted in green.

From here you can select a new theme or you can edit your current theme. 

To edit the themes, just click on the theme you want to use and choose the options that fit your style!

On the right of the screen, you will see the theme preview.

On the left of the screen, you have the option to choose "Use Large Description". 

Clicking on this option changes how your memberships will be displayed on the screen. 

Take a look at the difference here!

You can choose what colors you want the theme to use. Customize the colors to match the colors your gym and logo! 

You can also upload a picture to use as the background of the display. Just click "Set Background Image" and upload a photo you have saved. Use a picture of your gym if you'd like!

Once you are happy with what you have, click the green "apply" button.

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