Appointment Widget Overview

Appointment Widgets: An Overview

Insight's Appointment Widget is a great way to make booking appointments easier for your guests, streamline your appointment workflows, and create an additional touchpoint with your customers.

The Insight Appointment Widget enables your guests to easily book appointments such as training sessions, tours, webinars, and classes. The appointments booked using a widget are automatically reflected on your Insight Calendar to keep availability transparent and up-to-date.

Once created, you can share direct links to appointment widgets on social media or a webpage. You can also embed the widget directly into a website by simply copying/pasting the code directly from Insight.

Appointment widgets are easy to get started with and you can create your first widget in minutes. You can also customize your widgets' color schemes and titles for a brand-consistent look and feel. To get started with your first widget, check out our How To Create A New Appointment Widget article.

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