Introducing Sales Guru

Introducing Sales Guru from Gym Insight!

Sales Guru is an easy-to-use sales tool developed by Gym Insight. Sales Guru can be installed onto your tablet and puts the signup process in your member's hands. With Sales Guru, your potential members will be able to select the membership they want, create their own account, enter payment information for immediate collection of dues, and have a signed contract automatically emailed to them. Gone are the days of losing potential members to a lengthy signup process!

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Sales Guru can be installed on your tablet!

This makes Sales Guru extremely convenient and puts the job of signing up literally in your member's hands. You've been there before; you're giving a tour to a potential member and at the end they leave before you're able to sign them up! Or how about being behind a busy front desk asking your potential member for all their private information out loud only to have them feeling reluctant to sign up? With Sales Guru on your tablet, you can hand it over to your potential members to sign up immediately and without sharing their private information out loud!

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Sales Guru is Customizable!

There are a total of 10 different themes to choose from or a theme can be custom built for you. The themes allow you to choose how your Guru site will look and give you a fun way to display your gym memberships. No more hassling with printing out posters or lists to display your current memberships! With Sales Guru, you can attractively display your memberships and update them with ease. With so many themes and the ability to customize background images and color schemes, you are sure to find one that suits the unique atmosphere of your gym!

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Sales Guru makes it easy!

Sales Guru makes signing up members easier and faster. You will gain more members than ever before! So what are you waiting for? Check out Sales Guru today!

Check out the introduction video below:

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